14 days to cover the entire country


In 2018 FMD's production team gathered for a content production tour through Uganda. The goal was to drive around the entire country and capture the diversity and richness of Uganda's nature and culture from the savanna's in the north to the jungles in the south. The produced content exceeded all expectations.

The Team

1 producer. 1 photographer. 1 drone operator. 1 filmmaker. 1 YouTuber. 1 social media expert


The goals were clear: Capturing one different place each day to make the output as broad as possible. The Tourism Board of Uganda wanted to promote the destination with spectacular pictures and videos of their national parks, wildlife and resorts. The tour was an ideal combination of content, social media and high quality content production based on the FMD philosophy.


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Reached goals

(Social media-) content for years


To capture the essence of 'The Pearl of Africa' FMD had to make sure that they use each day to produce content and to use night time for travelling. Only so, it was possible to travel around the the entire country of Uganda in 14 days and to capture terrabytes of high quality content around the clock.

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