Variety of content - authentic and attention-grabbing


In mid-2019, FMD was commissioned by two different agencies to complete two projects for the Japanese tourism board. The first job was to develop some high-quality video content and in particular, to publish it in a bucket list series, the second job was to get people’s attention on social media. FMD came up with a campaign strategy which was then executed in two different tours around the country. The end result was countless pictures, high-quality video material, some unique videos for social media and even two longer documentaries.

Marketing ambitions

Building awareness. Development of new target groups.


To make sure that the content we created would get as big a reach as possible, we brought together a team of social media influencers who came with us on the trip. The aim was to get 5 million views throughout the whole of the campaign. By the end of the first trip, the number of people who had seen our content on social media was 70% above that.

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