Themed hotels in deserts, underwater, in dense jungles and pristine national parks among wild animals, in the clouds and treetops, on ships, and in every climate zone.


Since 2016 FMD produces content for luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. Experiences from 4 continents, over 30 countries, and over 70 luxury hotels from different cultures are part of it. This international experience in the luxury segment is evident for the details of our work and encompasses all services. From content production (photo, video, 360 degrees) and social media consulting to web design and the creation of a professional CI through our partner agency Tablo. Our innovative services in the field of virtual reality bring hotels into the digital world. Our photographers, filmmakers, social media experts, VR architects, web developers, corporate designers, and tourism specialists combine their knowledge for comprehensive and unprecedented consulting under the LUX concept.

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Photo & Video

Camera and editing specialists


FMD has its origins in the production of high-quality films and documentaries for TV. Accordingly, our standards are high. Our photographers and filmmakers have gained experience on all continents, in dozens of countries and under special shooting circumstances. Working for a wide variety of luxury and design hotels, they have developed a trained eye and feeling for the right motifs. Use the language of the pictures to convince yourself...



Proof that you have nothing to hide


With 360° degree panoramic content, your design will stand out from the rest and show your visitors that you have nothing to hide. We not only create high-resolution 360-degree photos, but we link them together to create a unique digital tour of the entire property. We implement additional information, videos, images, brochures and digital experiences. At home on the screen or virtually through VR headsets. Turn your digital presence into an experience!



Not everyone can fly an FPV drone


It's like being able to explore the world in a RC airplane. FMD has been working with drones from the beginning to create spectacular aerial footage. FPV (First Person View) technology enables new and unimagined perspectives and moving image narratives. Our pilots are among the best in Germany and even build their drones themselves. Show your ambiance in the most innovative way and make it a new visual experience.


RCP - The content subscription for your hotel or resort

RCP now


In the digital age of social media and web experiences, quality content has become a critical factor in marketing. Text, photos and videos draw attention to your brand and products every day. Whether it's expert interviews, product films or entertainment, there are new needs to be met every day. With our RCP (Regular Content Plan) package we cover your regular needs. Reliable, high quality and affordable.


LUX - Meet us LIVE


The Best. For You. Live



In the luxury hotel sector, every little detail counts. High-quality design, special refinements, stylish ambiance. Each design hotel, with its different themes, the influences of different cultures and offers, has unique perspectives and ideas to offer. Many hotels spend large sums of money to send their managers around the world, to trade fairs, conferences and other luxury hotels to gather inspiration. We bring this experience bundled to you!

360° Marketing campaigns

Live on-site. We analyze, observe, evaluate and advise.

Content Production

We promote your strengths with optimized content. Photo, video, 360, VR.


Optimization with workshops, content plans, website, social media and more.

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Get more information about the special FMD LUX program from our hospitality expert Marc Bächtold.

VR and the Metaverse

A place beyond imagination


With our innovative VR concepts, you are not only one step ahead, but one step beyond! Luxury and design go beyond the boundaries of the real world. If your hotel is more than just a place to stay, the world of the metaverse and virtual reality offers an important step into the future. More than just photos, videos and even 360 degree content, this is where you demonstrate what makes your ambiance special. In our worldwide unique VR concepts, everything comes together to create an unforgettable impression. Lift your presence and your brand beyond the shackles of local limitation into the digital world.


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